General troubleshooting tips

So, you finished building your DIYRE kit and it's not working. Here's our recommended troubleshooting procedure:

  1. Don't panic! In all likelihood the issue is something small and simple to fix.
  2. Retrace your footsteps. Go back through the assembly guide, checking each step as you go. Don't assume you got something right—confirm it visually as if you were doing a pre-flight checklist.
  3. Check your audio setup. Rule out your audio interface as a variable before troubleshooting your build.
  4. Check your assembly for common errors. 90% of issues we see are caused by single misplaced component.
  5. Check your soldering. Joints should have a smooth, shiny, concave surface, and cover the entire pad.
  6. Clean your board. Sometimes small pieces of solder or flux can get stuck to the PCB and cause issues. Go through methodically and remove any flecks on the top and bottom of the board—a little pressure from the tip of screwdriver is all it takes.

Still not working? Check out the product-specific support guides to the left or contact us.

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